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In addition to writing two cookbooks, I've worked as an editor-for-hire for other authors and major publishing houses. Two books I helped edit were nominated for James Beard Foundation Awards.


I've written for:
Civil Eats
Cooking Light
Edible Silicon Valley
Fine Cooking
Restaurants & Institutions
Serious Eats
Vegetarian Times
The Kitchn
The Washington Post
Women's Health

My work has been referenced in: 

The New York Times
The Los Angeles Times

The Splendid Table
Real Simple

The Christian Science Monitor
Cooking Light
James Beard Foundation
Oprah Magazine
Jerusalem Post Magazine

San Francisco Chronicle
Library Journal
Serious Eats 

Miami Herald
The Huffington Post

and more

The Internet has plenty of yogurt how-to’s, but I found the most accessible and complete guide in a book called “Yogurt Culture,” by Cheryl Sternman Rule, published last year. Her book made homemade yogurt seem not only easy, but also kind of essential. 

~The New York Times, 2/24/16

Marketing copy


I've written to:
Announce safety recalls

Boost registrations (conferences, webinars, gated content)
Convey corporate values
Highlight workers' rights
Honor cultural holidays
Launch products
Name and explain new technology

Promote sustainable sourcing

Spur virtual and in-person event attendance

Up check averages

and much more



Academic writing

Eritrea Country Profile in

African Higher Education: An International Reference Handbook

Damtew Teferra and Philip. G. Altbach, eds., Indiana University Press 

Using Cases in Higher Education: A Guide for Faculty and Administrators
by James P. Honan and Cheryl Sternman Rule, Jossey-Bass

Casebook I: Faculty Employment Policies
James P. Honan (Editor), Cheryl Sternman Rule (Editor), Jossey-Bass

Teaching Notes to Casebook I: A Guide for Faculty and Administrators
by James P. Honan and Cheryl Sternman Rule, Jossey-Bass


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