A little about me

I’m based in the Bay Area and have been writing professionally since 2004 (see Work).


I've been a columnist, a restaurant reviewer, a health reporter, a features writer, a newsletter editor, and a winner of several national awards (notably for my blog 5 Second Rule, which ran for nine years). I've written two books and edited many others.

I also worked for several years at Bon Appétit Management Company, which operates 1,000 cafés across the United States. As National Marketing Manager, I did a lot of copywriting, but I also led a team, project-managed dozens of marketing campaigns, oversaw the launch of cutting-edge menu items, and devised messaging for a new ordering app. 

I've had other adventures, too: I worked in Civil Rights at the U.S. Department of Justice (where I wore a wire for some investigations), earned a professional chef's degree (then worked in a Viennese-style pastry shop), and taught English as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Eritrea, East Africa.

Ultimately, I'm a storyteller. I use language to make sense of the world and bring others along for the ride.


Professional Chef's Degree | Cambridge School of Culinary Arts
Ed. M. | Harvard Graduate School of Education
B.A. | Haverford College